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Leveling Dry Mortar 


Ready-to-use, factory-mixed, powder-like, cement- and resin-bonded, polymer-modified, flexible, self-leveling, fast-setting subfloor leveling dry mortar. It is suitable for leveling concrete foundations without slopes in interior spaces, 0-15 mm thick per layer, not as a walking surface.


It can also be used in rooms with floor heating. It can be covered with a ceramic covering after 6 hours, but before laying vapor barrier warm coverings, you must wait for the substrate leveler to dry completely. It is not recommended to be used outdoors due to the formation of a slope.


Packaging: 25 kg/bag

Material requirements: 1.6 kg/m2/mm

Dilution:5.5 l water/bag

Shelf life: In the original packaging in a place protected from frost, moisture, and hot sun for 6 months






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