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Estrich concrete


Frost resistant, hydraulically bonded, easy-to-process, crack-free estrich concrete with high surface strength for in- and outdoors. Excellent as bedding for floor heating, separate floating layer or base for coatings subjected to intense mechanical stress.


Masonry mortar


 Premixed, dry, lime and concrete based plastering mortar for in- and outdoors. Can be applied manually or mechanically. Can be worked into a coarse or fine surface and applied to any mineral base. Components: hydrated lime, ground limestone, cement, and additives.


Plastering mortar 


Acrylic based, matt, dual layered, colored interior wall paint with excellent opacity. Properties: economical, washable, good vapor and air permeability, easy-to-process, retains its color for many years without fading. Available in the colors of the Peakston® Colorinno™ and NCS color systems

Feinputz Innen

Fine inner stucco


Mineral-bonded adhesive bridge for permanent renovation of salt-laden and wet buildings. It ensures adhesion between the plaster and the substrate, reduces the water absorption capacity of the substrate, can be sprayed with a machine. Base preparation for the Peakston Sanierputz renovation plaster system. Suitable for all mineral substrates both indoors and outdoors. Dry mortar for creating an adhesive base plaster according to DIN 18 550 MG P III. 25


DISASSEMBLY 25 kg paper bag WATER DEMAND 6.5 l water/bag

DRYING TIMESb. 20 minutes (+20 °C and 65% relative humidity) MATERIAL


REQUIREMENTSb. 3-5 kg/m2 (50-70% coverage)


SHELF LIFE In a dry and cool place in well-sealed original packaging min. for 6 months

Feinputz Innen

Fine inner stucco


Feinputz Aussen

Fine stucco



Core plaster

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